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LastXX Apparel

Every minute, ONE MILLION plastic bottles would have been purchased around the world.

By 2021, that number will exceed half a TRILLION...

...but less than half of those bottles end up getting recycled.


LASTXX (LAST TWENTY) Apparel is a sustainable clothing brand that collects and properly recycles 20 plastic bottles for every item sold. We collect bottles through community events and corporate recycling programs, while educating consumers about plastic bottle recycling. We sort and inspect every bottle to ensure they are recycle-ready and contamination free before they reach the recycling plant. Best of all - every article of clothing is made of recycled plastic bottles.

LASTXX gives people the security that their purchase is making a difference, by: collecting bottles before they end up in landfills and oceans; educating consumers about proper recycling habits; and creating amazing repurposed apparel, and giving bottles a positive end of life solution.

LASTXX addresses a bottleneck in the world’s plastic crisis; lack of upcycling. We need more businesses to find innovative ways to upcycle our burden of plastic into their products and supply chains. Our business model is divided into two ventures: (1) our B2C venture make apparel sourced from recycled plastic bottles; (2) our B2B upcycle venture offers a proprietary solution of integrating recycled plastic into pavement. Our businesses are unified by a single brand, LASTXX. We also invest proceeds from our apparel venture to our upcycle efforts.


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The Lastxx Team

Lucas Barnes


Lauren Barnes

Co-Enterprise Manager


Lauren DeSouza

Co-Enterprise Manager

Alex Rogers

Sales Management Executive

Jess Weinberg

Marketing Executive

Brittney Mighton

Director of Social Impact

Ali Martin

Director of Marketing

Sarah McCormick

Social Impact Executive

Michael Li

Director of Finance

Victoria Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

Andrew Dang

Director of Accounting

Isha Joshi

Director of Operations

Noah Robinson

Director of R&D

Jaycie Um

R&D Executive