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Shredded is a project run by Enactus Laurier that is focused on textile waste and how to repurpose textiles into usable products. Through our partnership with The Salvation Army, we are able to repurpose large amounts of secondhand clothing that would otherwise end up in a landfill or create air pollution through an incineration process. 

The Shredded Team

Jiby Syed

Co-Enterprise Manager

Megan Lee

Co-Enterprise Manager

It takes 120L of water and 15lbs of carbon dioxide to produce one cotton shirt.

the average Canadian disposes of 28 pounds of textile waste each year

95% of textiles are recyclable, but currently less than 16% are properly recycled

Robyn Moffat

Product Development Manager

Katarina Katsoris

Business Development Specialist

Spencer MacLennan

Research & Development Specialist

Mathew Bogoje

Business Development Specialist

Kathryn Manarin

Enterprise Development 


Yasemin Karin Axi Basoglu

Operations Specialist

Liam O'Sullivan

Finance Specialist

Coffee On Call

Coffee on Call is a developing Social Enterprise at Wilfrid Laurier University with the goal of providing university students with better access to coffee during unconventional business hours.


Potential candidates will operate a coffee cart on WLU campus during weekends, midterms season, exams season, and other special events in collaboration with campus clubs. Our coffee cart will be providing employment opportunities for individuals seeking a flexible working environment.


We are looking to work with individuals experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities. Our coffee cart will not only provide employment, but it will also foster a unique learning environment where individuals can develop hard and soft skills while gaining valuable life experiences.

The Coffee on Call Team

Jenna Greenspoon

Enterprise Manager

Hayley Everett

Finance Specialist

Adelaide Baker

Brand Manager

47% of those with a disability fall below the poverty line

90% of children with a disability do not attend school

Only 35% of people with at least one disability and are of working age are employed