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Over 80% of crops we consume are pollinated by bees and other wildlife.

40% of insect pollinator species face extinction...

...and a further 16% are under threat.


PolliNation is a social enterprise that focuses on rebuilding the native bee population that have been in decline due to urban sprawl in southern Ontario. Our solution focuses on raising awareness to the threat’s pollinators are facing today and providing top-quality bee hotels designed for native pollinators. Unlike other bee hotels, the PolliNation model is made with naturally moisture resistant wood, a protective roof and are designed with dimensions that create the optimal environment for reproduction.


With the surplus revenues from our Bee Hotels, we partner with local elementary schools  to teach students about the importance of social entrepreneurship, educate them about the declining pollinator population and donate Bee Hotels to combat this problem. PolliNation has developed a curriculum with the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University called the Bee Leaders of Tomorrow which enables young students to become changemakers of the future. 

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The PolliNation Team

Patrick McSweeney

Co-Enterprise Manager

Cindy Vuong

Co-Enterprise Manager

Eric MacPhee

Product Development Specialist

Clara Lachman

Enterprise Development 


Cameron Boerboom

Production Specialist

Laura Nguyen

Marketing Specialist

Narayan Subramoniam


Sales & Business Development Specialist

Julia Bedford

Research & Development Specialist

Bee Leaders of Tomorrow

Andrea Gyorfi

Outreach Coordinator

Jenna Somerville

Outreach Coordinator

Sanjani Mithani

Program Developer

Vithusa Anpalakan 


Program Developer