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Incubating Enterprises


The RJ Project is gamifying the learning of conflict-resolution skills to reduce bullying in schools, and build more safer more inclusive learning environments.

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The Autism Project is supporting autistic youth to successfully transition into the workplace, and ultimately build more neuro-inclusive workplaces where they can thrive.  

Enterprises Built Through Enactus


Kuponya Innovations has created a 'house in a box' kit for building affordable, sustainable, climate resilient, and rapidly deployable housing in Northern Indigenous communities. 


EarthSuds are solid, dissolvable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash tablets that are made from natural ingredients and eliminate the need for plastic packaging. 


Safi has created an innovative and cost-effective pasteurization device for small holder farmers in East Africa, to provide safe milk to communities.


Last20 is upcycling plastic waste into pavement. Their innovative approach creates plastic-infused pavement by combining traditional pavement materials with low-density polyethylene.

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