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Empowering Communities, Creating Impact 

Enactus is a global organization on 2,000+ university campuses in 33 different countries. On each campus student teams develop real sustainable social businesses and then showcase the impact they have made on people, planet and prosperity in a series of competitions.



At Enactus Laurier, we're all about making a big positive difference – not just in our communities through our projects, but also in the lives of our awesome team members. When you join Enactus Laurier, you're getting a chance to apply what you are learning to make a real impact in the world and set yourself up for a life filled with leadership and purpose.
Enactus Laurier is more than a platform for entrepreneurial projects; it is a close-knit community fostering collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. Members of our team become catalysts for change, realizing their potential as future leaders and changemakers.

Choosing Enactus Laurier isn't just for your time at school; it's a journey that stays with you, shaping the way you think and act long after you leave. It's not just about being successful in your career; it's about actively working towards making the world a better place.

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